encode: bodybag

video performance + film [2003]

There comes a time in one’s life when the mind finds itself limited by the body.

Bodybag: ritual of disembodiment.

Content-Provider is a corporation specialised in anthropocerebral digitisation and digitised data sharing. Digitisation leads to complete dematerialisation of the human body, a process that enables the mind to free itself from its physical boundaries.

* Content-Provider offers free digitisation in exchange for all the data generated from the body.

encode: bodybag

Video 9 minutes
Element of the performed installation
Street Theater Festival, Shawinigan, 2003
Vasistas Multidisciplinary Art Festival, Montreal, 2004

Project Details

Installation performed with the live video signal of a Pole-Camera "encoding" the body of a person being asphyxiated, aiming to transform it into pure data.

  • A Farine Orpheline project
  • Artistic direction
  • Camera
  • Performance
  • Sound Design
  • Video Direction
  • Video Editing