Double Vie

media installation for a museum exhibition [2003]

How might we present a collection of artifacts from the food transformation in a manner that generates a new appreciation for these old objects? How might we explain without boring, protect without putting things under glass, surprise and generate a smile?

To fully appreciate the items it was necessary to familiarise oneself with the objects, to touch them, to smell them, to know them. And to do that, what is better than taking up residence in the museum’s artefacts vault?

During this four-month residency at the Musée Québécois de Culture Populaire, it was possible to work daily with the objects and incorporate them directly into the brainstorming process, such as to create the “video-artefact sculptures”. Video was edited directly using the sculpture as a playback monitor, which strongly impacted the language and aesthetics of the exhibition. A method that would be impossible when working outside of the artefacts vault…

The Blueberry Monster

Video animation created with/for artefact-sculptures
Musée Québécois de Culture Populaire
Trois-Rivières, Canada

Project Details

An interactive installation of sculptures made with a collection of food related artefacts with sound, video elements and motion sensors.

  • A Farine Orpheline project
  • artist-in-residence
  • Artistic direction
  • Exhibit Design
  • Field Research
  • Museum
  • Scenography
  • Site-Specific
  • Video Direction