Pole Camera

wireless video camera on a 250 cm pole [1999]
Pole Camera

Pinhole video camera on a 250cm carbon pole, RF-Wireless
In collaboration with Simon B. Robert
Montreal, 1999

Equipped with a pinhole video camera the Pole Camera enables, in one rapid traveling movement, the passage from a macro close shot to wide-shot image. This fast transition produces uncommon images that evoke the surveillance, the magnifying glass or the bird’s eye-view.

Manipulating the Pole Camera requires a precise and sweeping gesture that reminds of performance or even dance. The user wears a viewing helmet and a harness equipped with a wireless A/V transmitter and becomes theatrical by virtue of the handling and movements of the camera.

The audience sees directly the images created by the performer and seeks interaction to become part of the image projected in the space. Actor and spectator merge into a creative scenic process.

Project Details

Video performance tool with a pinhole camera on a 250 cm carbon pole that enables the videographer to create unusual images and interact with the subject being filmed.

  • Artistic direction
  • Camera
  • Media Art Tools
  • Performance
  • Prototyping
  • Time-Based Art
  • Video Direction